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I've been living away from France for a little bit more than 2 years now. But rarely have I missed Paris in summer as much as I do right now.
I need to learn to draw human beings again!!! :D
Sketchdump Saint Seiya by Pfedac
Sketchdump Saint Seiya
Pfffff... seems like I have put my greasy fingers in some new infernal cycle. After mythological horses, let's draw the mythological warriors of Saint Seiya... Except that, as you can see, my first finished picture will probably be Pegasus (the horse, not Seiya) flying over the Sanctuary while Athena/Saori is watching, since I have made some sketches of her. I can't for the life of Shaka find some quality pistures of the back of Athena's temple... so I'll probably do what every fanartist does: completely invent my vision of Sanctuary... And I drew Milo because I just couldn't resist... I have to train a loooot before doing a proper drawing of one of the knights... because I can draw a flying horse but not a human being :')

And It's official, my sketchbook hate rubber, and color pencils... And I still have soooo many pages in it... :'(
Well, at least it stands quite well my black markers.
Saga-quick sketch by Pfedac
Saga-quick sketch
I have been a fan of Saint Seiya for quite  along time, but I never drew a Saint Seiya fanart... well it shows... :D
I promise that the next one will be better, or at least I hope... I promise I will at least try to understand how the armors work and how to draw them =P
Of course my first fanart of Saint Seiya ever is a fanart... of my second favourite character... Gemini no Saga, the psychopath ;P My fav character is Scorpio no Milo, but I haven't drawn any human for quite a long time and I thought the more classically beautiful Saga would be easier (bullshit, he's hard as hell to draw!!!). Well, I'll just have to draw his bro sometimes now... because Saga without Kanon is forbidden otherwise the cosmos of your drawing will cry tears of blood. If you don't understand this sentence, go watch Saint Seiya, an anime that definitely had a major influence on my first years of existence... I think it's pretty good criteria.

Well, awful photo, awful paper (I can't use rubber on it... I nearly pierced it), still getting used to watercolor pencils...
Grand Jument by Pfedac
Grand Jument
Here is the finished version of my latest mythological horse looking nothing like it's coming from a myth or a legend...
First, let me write to you about this awesome creature. She is the mare of the French Giant Gargantua, in Rabelais's very well-known books. This epic giant white mare not only destroyed a forest simply by moving its tail to kill the flies and mosquitoes that annoyed here, creating that way one of the most boring French landscape: la Beauce, but also drowned the enemies of her beloved master by pissing on them. Did i forget to mention she is said to be either some kind of deformation of a primitive folkloric dragon or a reminiscence of the most wonderful goddess of ancient Gaul, Epona, or a magic creature made from the bones of whales by Merlin? Well, now it's done. She is usually depicted as a tall, big, white mare, but also sometimes as having goat-ears, chestnut hair mixed with dappled grey, and slanted feet. Oh Middle Ages, are you really taling about a horse?

On the technical side, less than average quality paper, with watercolor pencils. Considering the fact I haven't used these in ages and they are children quality ones, the drawing turns out far better than anticipated. But because of the light ochre underwash, it looks far more yellow on photos than in real life. expect a better scan in a few months. The horse itself... well, I never drew a bucking horse before, so...
Thank you for the favs, llamas, comments...
If I don't always reply, don't take it personnally, it's just that I can only spend a relatively short amount of time on DA, so I tend to reply to comments rather than favs and others. But I love all of you anyway. =)
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French astronomer in Brasil
I am the doctor... well, a doctor, in Celestial Dynamics. I love to draw (as you can guess my reason to be on DA), Science (especially Astronomy of course), Horses and Mythology.

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